Watercoloring :)

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  • Asterope
    Really I just wanted to draw a girl with feathers instead of hair (now she reminds me a little of Vegeta). I named her Asterope later, reading about the pleiades who were turned into doves by Zeus, seemed appropriate,  and makes it look as though I know a lot about Greek Mythology :)
  • I did a first try as you can see in the photo below, but was constrained by the space and the face looked too generic, I´m much happier with the second try :)
  • Also, I just got my hands on this Canson Watercolor Artboard and it´s just great, I had been looking for months for good watercolor paper because I could not find my favorite (Canson Torchon) anymore, and the Montval series I could get were too lightweight... now I´m happy again.
  • Fly larva Fly!
    Here´s the line work for the flying larva :), inspired by the collar of the first Asterope try...
  • I painted it with watercolors and twitched that digitally, (I actually painted it red)
  • A watercolor I did on a quite expensive Fabriano paper meant for acrylics, a little textured but nice. I called this one "Niño Koi" after a local band I like a lot.
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  • Finally I did a second version of the "sea chieftain", I had to do a lot of cheating on the first one because I messed it up coloring and actually destroyed the drawing, this one is 100% hand painted (on Canson art board)
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