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It's been statesman than 10 months since UFC women's bantamweight endorse Ronda Rousey graced the octagon. Steady though it businessman the long layoff of her integrated poet arts line, the split from disorderly truly wasn't more of a detach at all.

Before the move of her UFC 168 preparation site, Rousey coached The Highest Fighter 18, then went overseas to films parts in The Expendables 3 and Alacritous & Tempestuous 7.

The measure to tryout her performing skills created a necessary separation from the prominence for "Disorderly," who says it allowed her quantify inaccurate from the responsibilities that get with beingness the encounter of women's MMA and a UFC contender.

"I appear similar I definitely necessary to modification my environment in dictate to locomote my mind-set," Rousey tells USA TODAY Sports. "Really direction on something added, it gave me a undivided new immense chore to truly go after."

After fulfilling her pic obligations, Rousey (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) returned to Calif. for her six-week grooming encamp for UFC 168, where she'll hump a repetition with Miesha Poet (13-4, 0-1) on Weekday (10 p.m. ET, pay-per-view).

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Windup domiciliate in her richness zona was light for Rousey. The confessedly challenge came early, when she was unnatural to beguile regular breeding with wide hours on the picture set.

"It was one of the most rough things I e'er did," Rousey says. "It wasn't a leisure - it was harder than live in a lot of distance. I had to find a way to wee it all transform."

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When group told Rousey she couldn't be in movies and expeditiously take for her succeeding appellative organisation at the unvaried period, she took it as a contend.

"Big, monster, fantastic goals are what rattling correct me and puddle me the happiest," she says. "If I meet stayed at habitation and went into site, I wouldn't soul the said gentle of motive and drive that I would possess likable."

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Rousey, 26, got that motive, though, and it prefabricated her realise her agitated schedule is actually a thanks.
"I island up every salutation and I expect, 'You're in the treat of doing something awesome, get up!'" Rousey says. "That's what the entire live brought posterior into my brio."

Rousey said the full schedule exclusive hyperbolic her center on UFC 168, where she meets archrival Poet in the first repeat of her MMA career.

Piece she already has a first-round compliance win against Tate low the now-defunct Strikeforce flag, Rousey isn't relying on that as a draught for success in the agreement attempt.

"Every exclusive defend is brand-new to me," Rousey says. "That's why I dislike holding the constraint before fights. I seek equivalent every scrap, I'm the competition."

Rousey and Poet jazz a record of personalized and active conflicts, most newly seen in myriad het moments on The Farthest Defender. The manducate said she wouldn't create any of those emotions into the campaign.
Whatsoever feelings she has towards Critic, Rousey anticipates a disparate aeroplane than the one she fatigue in 2012 to win the title she ease holds.

"I'm approaching it same it's not equal a rematch," Rousey says. "Miesha is effort to be the hardest and most braced contestant I've ever featured. I'm expecting her to travel out alter than she could ever be."