WatchGezi [raw from the Turkish resistance] #occupy

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  • Wednesday, 29th of May
    Gezi park, Taksim, Istanbul, early in the morning, about 50 people kept watch in the park. Bulldozers entered the park, people tried to stop them. The police came, and protestors were gassed. 
    A member of parliament arrived and asked to see an official warrant. The bulldozers stopped.
    Many more people came to the park. Tents were set up, people spoke.
    Thursday, 30th of May
    The police attacked the people sleeping in the park at 5 in the morning; they gassed them, and burned the tents. 
    In the afternoon, many more people came to the park, they spoke, read, made music and watched films into the night.
    Friday, 31st of May
    The police attacked the park again at 5 in the morning. People were gassed and beaten, forced out of the park.
    That night, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands walked to Taksim. 
    They clashed with the police and resisted in different parts of the city, day and night.
    Resistance and police violence soon spread to other cities.