• Waste Union
  • Waste Union is the image of ruins grounded in the utopian ideas of past ages.
    It seems anachronistic and immoral to separate inhabited land from Nature. Cultivated landscapes are not different from lands left intact, for the boundaries between the two dissolved. The influence of urbanization is present in open lands more than in carefully leveled inner cities.
    Open space is excessively wasted, yet, it could become the ultimate resource of urban existence, a natural source. The inflation of space is the most visible at the front-lines of the expanding city, where different populated areas collide. With the accumulation of garbage, dumps are about to meet. The memory of garbage heaps is present everywhere, unifying contemporary landscape. A re-cultivated mine dump is the closest we can get to the natural state. Nature does not exist anymore, so any escape into nature, or any harmony with it, is impossible. The time for a hopeful utopia is gone.