Washington on the Brazos Identity

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    Dyal and Partners re-branded Washington on the Brazos state park. The park is the site of Independence Hall, the small building where Texan delegates met in 1836 to write the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico. The park also features other attractions on site—The Star of the Republic Museum and Barrington Living History Farm—as well as the off-site Fanthorp Inn. The strategy developed by Dyal and Parterns was to position Independence Hall as the main destination of the park, and as THE exact place where Texas was born, or as the new tagline suggests, Where Texas Became Texas.
    The identity program uses type that evokes the look and feel of era printing methods, and borrows symbols and colors also important (and still important) of the time
  • Dyal and Partners developed the tagline “Where Texas Became Texas,” to pinpoint the significance of Washington on the Brazos in Texas History; the birthplace of Texas. The tagline was then used to create a phraseology system using the tagline.
  • In 1836, the Dodson Flag, designed by Mrs. Sarah Dodson was one of two flags that flew over the convention where Texan deleglates officially declared their independence from Mexico. The flag was designed to reference the flag of the French Revolution, but with longer proportions and the lone star in the canton. Dyal and Partners adopted this tricolor flag as an element in the Washington on the Brazos identity program.
  • Client: Washington on the Brazos State Park
    Service: Comprehensive Re-brand
    Role: Lead Designer
    Designed at Dyal and Partners
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