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  • Reliable
    I’m on time, I’m honest and I don’t tell secrets, you can trust me. I’m responsible, hard-working and dependable– like a grid.

  • Eager
    I am eager to please and eager to make people happy. I have keen interest in my projects and also 
    the work of others. I’m eager to learn, I reflect on everything around me– like a disco ball

  • Creative
    I’m imaginitive, I’m inventive. I love to develop ideas and make them come to life. I’m productive and constructive.

  • Good-spirited
    I’m lively and happy and I always try to make others feel so too. I have good, positive energy and 
    I work with great enthusiasm.

  • Guts
    I’ve got guts. I dare to try new things and go in other directions to achieve a better result.