Wander Postcard Project

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  • The Wander Postcard Project
    A Traveler's Canon
  • In anticipation of launching Wander, we pulled together some of the best illustrators, designers, letterers, and photographers to create mobile postcards for the Wander Postcard Project. Each illustrator took on a travel inspired quote and illustrated a retina-ready iOS postcard that was featured on the Postcard Project Blog and available for download as iPhone and iPad wallpapers.

    The response was overwhelming as the postcards picked up and spread across the web. A smaller sample was featured for an entire week on Kuvva

    Check them out and download a iOS wallpaper at blog.onwander.com >
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  • Postcard No. 8 by Phillip Dornbierer
  • Postcard No. 6 by Chris Danger
  • Postcard No. 1 by Doublenaut
  • Postcard No. 7 by Ping Zhu
  • Postcard No. 11 by Jory Dayne
  • Postcard No. 13 by Tim Boelaars
  • Postcard No. 14 by Ed Nacional
  • Postcard No. 39 by Justin Mezzell
  • Postcard No. 15 by Mike McQuade
  • Postcard No. 36 by Tad Carpenter