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  • Founded in the summer of 2009, Wallpaper Art is constantly in searchfor the most incredible wallpaper art for your desktop. Our aim is toinform our readers about the latest Wallpaper trends and informationabout the artists behind the beautiful artwork. By providing interviewswith the artist and a look behind the scene we try to bring thewallpaper scene to a new level.Do you want to make it on the blog. Check out our contact page for more info.
  • You have some excellent ideas for a desktop wallpaper? We aregenuinely curious what you’ll come up with. Please consider thefollowing guidelines:1. choose any theme you like " typography, art,abstract, illustration, photography " it’s up to you, we want you tohave fun and create something you like.
    2. design a wallpaper in the following resolutions (as many aspossible): most popular resolutions are 1280×800, 1280×1024, 1680×1050,1440×900 and 1024×768 px, 1920×1200, 1600×1200 and 320×480px (iPhone).
    3. make sure the wallpapers contain a Wallpaper Art logo (.zip,updated, 0.68 Mb) which is clearly visible on all wallpapers; you mayalso place your logo on the wallpaper if you want to.
    4. name your files according to the format “title-artist-resolution.[jpg/png]“. Examples: “Freedom-Wart-1680×1050.jpg”.
    5. insert a .txt file with your Real name, Portfolio, Age, Country
    6. send the e-mail with your wallpapers and the form.txt-file at Artist@wallpaperart.org with the subject “[Wallpaper Artist - Artist name]”
    7. wallpapers which will be featured on our website will be availablefor free download and will contain a link to the artist’s blog orportfolio and a short interview (5-10 questions).
  • We are constantly looking for new wallpapers to post. If you’ve seen anamazing desktop wallpaper or an Iphone Wallpaper, feel free to leave a link in our Suggestions mailbox.
  • Visit our website WallpaperArt.org

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