Walking. Small hommage to Miroslav Mandic.

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    everyone who sets forth
    admitting that I never told You how much I yearn for You
    tattooed words dancing and singing on the left and right calf
    so far I walked twice
    first time Four Walks for Poetry 1984. 1987. 1988. 1990
    second time ten year walking Rose of Wandering 1991-2001
    third walking I call
    First Time Second Ten Year Walking
    I will be walking in the universe of my heart and Yours
    I will be walking in the rose-garden of my brain and Yours
    I will be walking in the eternal present
    by walking 13 kilometres a day after ten years
    I will walk the Earth’s circumference of 40076.569 kilometres for the second time
    with my face I walk towards You and all beings.