Wairua NZ Music Festival

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  • Wairua Music Festival
    Creation, Creative Director, Photography, Graphic Design
  • This project was part of a paper at University that looked at identity and branding.
    As students we were given the task of creating a uniquely New Zealand product or service and then marketing it to an international audience.
    I chose to create a traveling Christian music festival, that was held annually in the last few weeks of summer.
    The personality of this festival was a very cultural experience, showcasing local and international artists alongside world class speakers. The festival was created to be a weekend away from the "daily grind" of life and a space for people to be refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired.

    The final outcome for this festival was a very hippie design with a hand painted logotype to reflect it's grassroots origin and humble approach to the festival genre.

    *Wairua is Maori for Spirit/life/essence/vibe etc