• Wadi
    A modern Arabic typeface
  • I decided to name my typeface Wadi. The name Wadi is of Arabic origin and means elegant and simple.

    Wadi is a simplified modern Arabic typeface influenced by the Naskh calligraphical style. It is characterized by the absence of straight baseline and the cursive connection between the glyphs.

    Furthermore, Wadi consists of thin vertical strokes and thick horizontal strokes. The typeface looks more dynamic, sophisticated and harmonious.

    The letters have big open counters that facilitate legibility when reduced to small size.

    Wadi is modern, clear and legible. It can be used for headings, sub-headings, newspapers, magazines,books, advertising and promotional materials.
  • Wadi Book

  • Before I could even think of designing the Arabic type, I started gathering a lot of research and information about the Arabic script, its origins and technical aspects. I also had to compare it to the Latin script in terms of anatomy and guidelines.

    In terms of Arabic, calligraphy should be considered the starting point of typography.
    I started taking calligraphy courses with the famous Lebanese calligrapher Ali Assi, who taught me how to write, first with a metal broad-nib pen, later with a bamboo pen. In these exercises I’m not aspiring to excel in calligraphy but rather to learn the basic shapes of the Arabic characters.

    Here are a couple of my sketches.