Wacom Cintiq Companion - Screen Art

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  • This kind of projects are so much fun! Wacom approached me to do some screen art for an upcoming product release. They liked my style and gave me 100% freedom to create something on the theme of mobility and speed. "Sounds like a perfect project!" was my instant reply :)
    They gave me 7 days to complete the project, from initial briefing to delivery. Needless to say I didn't sleep that much during that week. 
  • The bike is built in Maya and Zbrush, with minimal preceeding sketchwork. I use Maya for the basic shapes and proportions, then brings those meshes in to Zbrush for some dynamesh tweaking and additional sculpting. The last step before leave Zbrush is usually to add some insert meshes like bolts, caps and surface details.
    The renderings is, like always, done in Keyshot 4. I honestly donät know what I would do with the great guys over at Luxion (Hi Josh, Thomas and Henrik)!
  • Thanks for looking!