WWII Poster Exhibition

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  • WWII Poster Exhibition
    Digital Print class / client project
  • The Wilson Gallery at Anderson University hosts various exhibitions throughout the semester. For the WWII Poster Exhibition the clients wanted to promote the event explicitly through advertising, direct mail and internet marketing to encourage more students and AIGA professionals to attend. There were various promotional materials that had to be designed, yet since my design was not selected I am only focusing on the poster and the web graphic.
    The idea behind this concept was to present a different side of the war that focused on the family and the emotional side. To do so I selected an old image of a mother with her baby and daughter. The image alone tells a story; and elements such as the eyes push the narrative further. In order to give it a contemporary look I made a grunge texture to enhance the image. Furthermore, there is strong swiss design influence through the use of geometric shapes intersecting the human figures.