Will there be Condominiums in Data Space?
  • the 
    text of the videoartist Bill Viola "Will there be Condominiums in Data Space?".
    The project consisted in one space divided in 3 moments, simmulating 
    a dematerializing journey: from the data room (a common room, full 
    of memories/data) to the data space (the same room dematerialized 
    through computer and digital media providing new ways of interaction with 

  • instalation flyer / letter and photo film distributed in the exhibition.
  • instalation and video demonstrated in the instalation also.
  • interactive platform - the visitors could explore this platform in
    the instalation.
    To explore yourself click here.

  • Video demonstrating the way people explored the space created; 
    their movements, interactions and subsequent needs when
    discovering the purpose of the instalation.
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