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  • For the 2011 pottporus festival i was selected to create a extra design concept for the underground program of the pottporus festival in Bochum and Herne (Germany). I created a eight pages flyer and 8 citations which hang in the metrostations of the campusline U35 between the cities of Herne and Bochum. In the course of the festival i also did some graphics on wall.

    My design concept depend on the main festival poster by raffael stücken. I used the same backgroundcolors, type and layouts idea to transform the connection of two different program events.

    A extra logo for the underground program was also affected on the pottporus logo by raffael stücken. It was extra placed for the festival on all citations, prints and bags.

    Citations all over the metrostations were connected to the main title " wort bild tanz klang" (word,pic,dance,tone). We hang it to transform the event to the daily workers and commuters in a normally very clean and ruled area.

    In the course of the festival me and Creme were invited to do our art in form of taping. Together with the photographer Bartolomeo Koczenasz we created walls under the slogan " what means streetart for you?" and integrate the pedestrains in our work.

    Project was more or less in corporation with BOGESTRA GMBH.
    (some) Photos by Tanja Engel

    Thanks and love to Kama, Tanja, Mark, Malte, Bartek, Mo and Lena!