•      Conceptual photography project for 
    Spring/Summer 2013
  • Art Directon:  Sofía Lasserrot
              Photography:  Luis Rodríguez López
          Designer:  PILAR DALBAT
                    Model:  María Jesús Muros 
    Analysing the collection leitmotif, we came up with a concept which could express it visually: 
    A lab for color experimentation, inks pouring and mixing within the test tubes, giving birth to each one of the garments, playful and fearless.
  • Chosen references:
    Original image developed:
    I analysed the colors and textures that shape the collection up (you can have a look at it here http://www.pilardalbat.com/coleccion/verano-2013/) and then I chosed the key outfits.
    I developed a background image for each one of the outfits, paying special attention to display the whole color pallete of the collection, so those garments which were not being photographed were "present" by appearing as part of the background colors.
    Then I studied each outfit + background composition, and made some final color adjustments:
    And... shoot!
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