WMC Fest 2012 Poster

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  • WMC Fest III Poster Illustration
    Last summer I was invited to go hangout with the popstache dudes at WMC Fest 2012.
    I actually hadn't ever heard of WMC Fest, and actually hadn't heard of any types of these events so going was an eye opener. I was very new to design and illustration a year ago I suppose. So now I'm becoming a bit more of a part of the community and couldn't be happier.
    These prints are for sale on my store
    Below is a lot of the process, revisions, close up detail shots etc so please check it all out and click the images to make em full size to see the texture and detail.
  • The idea was to show the relationship between Popstache and WMCfest. Popstache was based out of chicago and wmcfest was happening in cleveland. The original idea was two hipster type kids moshing, one from each region. We took it a little further and had the shapes of the states bumping fists, a bit more kind. Drinking beers and doing stereotypical things to the cities.
  • Although we didn't find time to get the posters printed (deadlines, woops). I found the time to get a few quick smaller 8x10's printed to give out at the show, as a large form business card. The prints came out real nice, nothing fancy just a digial print on a matte paper. In fact I think I'll do something similar again this year.
  • Alternative digital print handouts
  • Photos¬†by the wonderful Monica Justesen Photography.
    You can thank her for not having to look at crummy iPhone photos.
  • Great Lakes local brew to Ohio
  • Chicago lookin' real jazzy in his cardigan sweater
  • These are actually for sale in my store
  • He used to have a bunch of tattoos all over him, you can see his alternate version down below
  • Again, available in my store
  • Earlier versions
  • Earlier revision, try to spot all the differences
  • Later revision
  • Type treatment
  • Type treatment
  • Hah, the tear drop tattoo damn I'm glad I revised this thanks to Andy who gave great feedback.
  • Sketches