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  • The Oyster Inn
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  • Located on a beautiful island in the Auckland Harbour in NZ, The Oyster Inn is a small boutique hotel, restaurant and bar, with private dining room and beach shop, all rolled into one.

    With the look & feel of the space and it's 3 luxury rooms being led by NZ based interior designer Katie Lockhart, their head chef Cristian Hossack brought in from London (he's ex-Providores), a focus on fresh local produce, and world renowned artists' work on the walls, this place is set to be a real destination for Aucklanders & the international travel set.

    Design of the site was led by our pals at Special Group. Layout and interactivity development, full web build (including content management), email signature design, and integration of our email marketing system uMail was done here at Hardhat.

    Visit the website: www.theoysterinn.com