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  • It’s a good opportunity for me to create self-promote piece that led directly to work. I’ve created the self-promote print and web inspired by the directional signboards as the final project of this subject – Portfolio Presentation.
  • I wanted to promote myself as a graphic designer that everybody knows that I am not only passionate in learning, but also systematic in planning and organizing to achieve my goals. I also wanted to engage my audience that simple, nice and innovative design always comes with a memorable concept.  I choose a black and white colour palette to represent my characteristic as formal and practical. 
  • An A2 workflow of mind-map poster that can be folded down into A5 is designed together with the promotional booklet to present my portfolios. It considered as effective as it is portable and easily to be kept. The poster works well with the booklet and allow people to understand the process of behind-the-scene of my work as well. 
  • The selected portfolios ranging from advertising to storyboard appear in the booklet. The booklet features short caption and information about the inspirational projects. 
  • Branding Communication
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Illustration 
  • Photography 
  • Self-promote postcard design
  • Self-promote website design 
    The combination of the visual aesthetic and poster printed on creates a contemporary mood. Putting effort in designing to show my strategic planning process and selected online portfolios on display on my website, the new identity represents a new direction for me to stand up and get notice. It allows me to get to the bottoms of my ideas, explore different paths and also to be motivated.