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walls I've done!
Open Walls Barcelona 2014. Wall painted next to Amaia Arrazola
Wall painted  next to the Amaia Arrazola at BAUV graffiti festival, La LLagosta, Barcelona 2014.
Valencia, 2014
Abandonded Disco, 2014.
Basis Bar, Amsterdam 2013
Thomas and Marino, Barcelona 2013
Barcelona 2013
Pl. les 3 Xemeneies, Barcelona 2012 
with Stain, Sebas, Dulk i Derok 
Abandoned Disco, La Caché, Falset 2012
Arc de Triomf, Barcelona 2011
Arc de Triomf, Barcelona 2011
Pl. Botticelli, Barcelona 2012
with Ceerre, Flextatowa, Derock, Hoppek 
Pl. Botticelli, Barcelona 2012

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