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  • WALL Calendar

    A promotional calendar for Spicers, an Australian paper merchant. Following the thought that the highest compliment you can pay a calendar is to actually put it up on your wall, the visual narrative of the calendar explored the different things people put on their walls.

    Four photographers, one for each season, were invited to respond to this idea, and their very diverse responses were printed on different papers that Spicers stocks, with custom typographic statements preceding each ‘chapter’ of the calendar. The entire piece was left loose, unbound, and folded down and packed between 2 embossed pieces of boxboard, held together with a rubber band.
    Completed at Landor Sydney
    Designer: Jason Little
    Photographer: James Cant
    Paper: Hello Gloss 150gsm
    Designer: Ivana Martinovic
    Photographer: Michael Hall
    Paper: Stephen Scrambled White 115gsm

    Designer: Sam Pemberton
    Photographer: Adrian Lander
    Paper: Environment Smooth White 148gsm

    Designer: Joao Peres
    Photographer: Karl Schwerdtfeger
    Paper: Starwhite Smooth White 148gsm
    Concept: Jason Little, Ivana Martinovic, Sam Pemberton & Joao Peres
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