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Posters integrating initials of scientist and their corresponding discoveries or inventions. More to come soon.
William Harvey, an English physician was the first to describe accurately how blood was pumped around the body by the heart. The poster integrates William harvey’s initial and blood circulation diagram through the heart, lungs and capillaries.
Basic Explanation:
1. The arteries pass their oxygen-rich blood to the capillaries which allow the exchange of gases within the tissue. The capillaries then pass their waste-rich blood to the veins for transport back to the heart.
The pulmonary artery carries oxygen-depleted blood away from the heart, to the lungs, and the pulmonary vein returns oxygenated (oxygen-rich) blood back to the heart.
The heart then pumps oxygenated blood to the organs via arteries.
The oxygen is used up and deoxygenated blood is collected by the capillaries and passed onto veins. The cycle hence, continues.
Poster integrating A of Allesandro Volta with the Voltaic cell model - his development.