• B R A N D I N G
    A plain line without any frills combined with a very airy spacing gives theword mark a discreet and ageless profile.

    D I G I T A L
    We continue the reduced design and focus onto the people, creating a personal portrait. Layout and programming are full responsive and grant an optimizedviewing experience for desktop, tablet and smartphone. www.worl-anwaelte.de

    I N T E R I O R
    The counters and benchs line interferes optically with the rooms cubic presence and leads the client directly into the conference room. Colour and reduced design refer to the word mark. The black coloured shelves grant lots of storage space without overwhelming the room.

    C R E A T I V E . D I R E C T I O N 
    Christian Vögtlin
    G R A P H I C
    D E S I G N 
    Michael Adolph
    P R O G R A M M I N G
    Mario Kober


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