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W E I G H T L E S S is a collection of levitation photos by DM2
Weightless Jacket Design - 1 inch spine; 3 inches for the flap on both sides
Flyleaf Design
Flyleaf Design details
Weightless is a series of levitation photographs taken around Manila. It features Trixia Dela Cruz, Kara Magno, and Jewel Manalo (collectively known as DM2) suspended in air. With 50% sweat, 20% inspiration, 20% luck, 5% creative planning and 5% post-production, DM2 produced photos that seem to defy the laws of physics.

Inspired by Natsumi Hayashi, who goes by the name Yowayowa meaning “weak” or “feeble”, with her series of levitation photographs taken in the streets of Tokyo. Yowayowa gracefully jumps and creates the illusion of being light as air.

Levitation photography is not just a phenomenon but also a play on the idea of the Decisive Moment. Spearheaded by Henri Cartier-Bresson, it is the make or break moment in photography. It is in that crucial millisecond in taking a picture that the group counts on. If they miss it, the photo would not turn out nice and the moment is gone forever.

The most exciting part about making this photo series is that they did not know what to expect or how the pictures will turn out. Shooting outdoors was their biggest challenge. Prepare to defy gravity.
A few spreads from the book.
We took 150 levitation photographs in 35 different locations.
It took us a month to finish this coffee table book just in time for submission. This project served as our finals in Designing for Print Communication (DEPRICO) — an elective under the course Communication Arts at De La Salle University.
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