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     I evolved the design out of three keywords.Economical, practical,mechanical handling and functionality.
    Thefeature of folding rear cabin brings two different modes to users

    Passenger mode: if you are crowded then two people rear cabin will openautomatically.after that the car will transform to pick-up mode.This mode willgive you three more seats. in the total you will get five seats. also at theback of the cabin you have free space for using luggage and ext.

    Cargo mode: in this mode rear cabin will automatically close. Then the car willtransform directly to mini-truck.This mode will give you free space for cargo transportation.

    You can use that car in public arealike police,ambulance and taxi beacuse of easy using in the city, and usefuldimensions.
    The car provides the possibility of using for families workers and businessman beacuse of easy-to-use and a variety ofdiffrent modes.

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