Vue-Esprit Landscape Experiments
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A few digital experiments using Vue Studio and Photoshop.
Vue-Studio Experiments
 This is a bit of a different project, a few experiments using Vue-Studio, the 3D solution for landscapes. It's been a helpful tool for my work for a few years now. I mainly use it to render skies for my compositions and also to sketch. Yes, when I'm not completely sure of the kind of lighting and atmosphere I'm looking for in an illustration I play with Vue for a while and a lot of unexpected things may happen that enrich the visual experience.
I use Vue for the basic render and move into Photoshop to adjust and modify the scenes. I'm not interested in a very photorealistic finish so I usually add a lot of textures in the post process. In the first image I used a photo of a model to create the sculptures (photo credit: Adriana Garcia Cruz).<span "color:="" #ffffff;="" line-height:="" 16.8px;="" text-decoration:="" none;="" background-color:="" transpar 
Tree Sphere
Water Sphere