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Vrylyk Graphics is my personal design firm that specializes in graphic art as well as typography, which encompasses type design and calligraphy
fonts used are Vivaldi and Broken Planewing. Monotype Corsiva was used in some of the earlier roughs
this is the original sketch of the logo. It was actually created multiple years ago as a simple idea, then, when Vrylyk Graphics was founded, I decided to put it to good use.
Something not mentioned in the rationale was that the logo also looks like a bear paw when turned upside-down. This is completely irrelevant to the purpose of the abstract skull and what it stands for, but its still a point of interest worth mentioning.
with the new logo I'm currently using, it was actually an idea taken from the page of ideas above. It's based on the logo above the logo using vivaldi and to the right of the logo using quiller. The original idea had a candle included and did not have my skull design, so i removed the candle to get a more comfortable bounding box and included the skull because It's a nice way of showing myself when printing small for whatever reason.