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Transitional form of housing in Serbia.
Transitional form of housingThe project is positioned in Vracar, Belgrade, Serbia at location that is one of the famous cultural spaces in the city, because that part of the city have the oldest and preserved architecture. In near environment is a Belgrade Drama Theater, and some significant public institutions. On this location are mostly grounded houses that are in very, very poor condition, and that state need to be improved. Demand at this location comes from the new consciousness of people that are dealing with modern jobs and have lot of free time. People are looking for completely private locations for living and working. Their jobs are lawyers, artists, computer jobs and other jobs that can be done at home, and rest of time they are spending at bars and restaurants, so the most important part of everything that i will have on my mind is transitional form of housing.

 I will need to create structure that is based on multi-family living and not to lose privacy. The form and function of this project is based on movement and privacy. First i need to create more living spaces on this location and the green space need to be a big part of this project. I started from reducing the whole moving, so horizontal movement inside houses and vertical (elevators) movement inside buildings need to become diagonal (not stairs and elevators) because that is the shortest line of movement. The volume on those spaces and in nearest enviroment are in the final limits I wanted to reduce the builded and increase the green and public spaces. The base one-sided diagonaly risen rectangle is elevated upward and under is free space for public functions. On that rectangle was positioned houses and ramp for climbing. On the extension of the living structure is the commercial space in fifty meters height building that was elevated like living houses before.

The houses are based on rectangular bases that have separated three functional based spaces. The dark side (sleeping), the bright side (living and other functions) and the green space (grass, trees). In the middle of house was appointed atrium with green zone and it is the most important part of house because it is separating living and sleeping zone in house. Functionally living and sleeping zones are connected with long and narrow hallway in the house that is making the feeling of atrium more monumental. In terms of materiality there were used modern combinations of concrete, glass, wood and granite.