• Fashion exhibition in London Fashion Week.
    This exhibition showcases the recent work of young designers from three countries in the Central European region:
    he Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. This is an exciting initiative, as these designers have all recently embarked
    on their respective careers: their work gives us perspective on the extent to which the region’s unique visual environment,
    as well as historical and cultural characteristics, result in the evolution of a common aesthetic.
    The concept of “Voyage” – focusing solely on the designs, emphasizing their diversity, it allows visitors to explore
    the visual world of the Central European region.
    (Gáspár Bonta, curator)
    The combination of the letters in “Voyage through Central Europe” logo reflects on the connection between the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The other “Voyage” logo plays with the typical, fashionable, stylish graphic “world”.
    The catalogue – which shows the fashion designers from Central Europe – has been designed in a simple, elegant and sophisticated style.
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