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Brand strategy, naming, verbal identity, visual identity and digital identity for Voubelle, fashion brand of Brazil.
Brand strategy, naming, brand identity and digital identity
A brand for young women, users of social networks, followers the latest trends, fashion brand lovers and extremely original. This was the public which an fashion blogger girl saw an opportunity: sell clothes lined up with the latest trends in unique pieces, selected and approved by herself. She approached Anora Campo to help her in the design of the company and the brand.
Special thanks for our good friends Braz de Pina e Advan Shumisk.
Brand Strategy
After knowing the plans for the company and a market study, we realized that there was a gap for a brand that unites two distinct points: the uniqueness of large and luxurious brands with informality and language stripped of brands aimed at young public.
Then we found out four basic pillars for the brand: exclusivity, informality, status and youthfulness. These pillars have guided all creative processes and decision-making for the brand.
We studied not only the written structure of some brands but as Indo-European languages​​, seeking the peculiarities of French, English and Italian. We decided that we would create a new name for the brand. This name does not need to have a specific meaning, but should bring European attributes. The name created, besides attending the briefing and brandcore, has a second meaning that the Portuguese remember the term "to go beautiful".
Brand Identity, verbal identity and Digital Identity
We brought the identity exclusivity expressed in the logo and photography direction, while the youthfulness and informality are expressed by the use of typography, iconography, illustrations, verbal identity in addition to some details the direction of the model in the photos.
Featured at Novum Magazine
Our project to Voubelle was featured at german magazine Novum at January 2014.

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