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A personal project of a jewellery lamp box that I did for my girlfriend
This is a very personal project that I made for my girlfriend. It was a fast work done in a matter of days with all the preparation, design, drawing and putting together part...
My first idea was to design and create a wooden jewellery box for my girlfriend, actually for our anniversary to be precise. As the idea was evolving and as I was working on it I decided to go further and make a desk lamp jewellery box.
The design is quiet simple. A Voronoi pattern is used for all the sides of the wooden box, this pattern was done in Grasshoper - thanks again to my brother Milos Jovanovic who did this for me since I am a complete newby in Grasshoper. From that point it was all about fixing the lines in AutoCad and preparing the drawings for the CNC mill. After the pieces were done I had some woodworking and finally attaching the LED light to it and giving it the "Light Box" effect.
Even though she is using it as a candy-box and not a jewelry box I am quiet happy with the results :)

TYPE: Personal work

DESIGN: Vuk Djordjevic