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    The Show

    Saatchi & Saatchi, Switzerland

    Voltarol, the no.1 muscle pain reliever, wanted to bring their ‘Joy of Movement’ brand purpose to life in a fun & memorable way.

    In front of over 85,000 people, the ‘Voltarol. Your Movement Powers the Show’ event created a huge buzz at Westfield London.

    The event combined live 3D holograms & a state-of-the-art dance floor that converted the energy generated by people’s movement into power.

    Our shoppers were encouraged to dance & literally contribute the power to the show.

    Once enough energy was generated, the live hologram show started. And togenerate further consumer engagement, the holograms were able to interact with the audience by dancing & talking directly with them, asking them to dance more & generate more energy.

    When the energy levels dropped, the holograms would slowly disappear.

    The results – Normally pain reliever products only show the negative side of people’s pain issues but with this Voltarol brand experience, approximately 85,000 shoppers participated in the ‘Joy of Movement’ message in a positive & innovative way. While the video of the event on the bespoke ‘Movement Powers Life’ youtube channel had over 200,000 hits within 3 weeks