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    Smart companies make sure their company cars get serviced during the holidays. To make sure they do we made them an offer they couldn't refuse. Everyone who made an appointment for service received 75 free music downloads. We started off making a special soudtrack for the campaign. Furthermore we communicated the offer in ads, in a direct mail, in banners, on the website and of course at all the Volkswagen dealers.
  • A campaign that offers free music deserves it's own sound.
    Completely in tune with the target group (being plumbers, carpenters and other craftsmen)
    'Duo Nachtschade' composed this 'smartlap'. We wrote the lyrics, they turned it into a song.
    It could be enjoyed at all the Volkswagen dealers and of course on cd, in all the company cars.


    'Mijn vriend ik lig aan de Costa, dat scheelt mij behoorlijk wat kosta.
    Zonder dat ik het merk, zijn ze hard met jou aan het werk.
    We zijn snel weer bij elkaar, het komt voor elkaar.
  • Ads/posters: 'Your company car never sounded this good'.
  • Direct mail.
  • Banner.
  • Pallets at the Volkswagen dealers.
  • After their cars have been serviced the customers found this leaflet with a unique code to download their free music.