Volatile Boundaries

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  • Volatile Boundaries 

    (scroll to bottom for flip-through of book)
    7 in. x 10 in. 
    Printed canvas cover/ Springhill 70 lb. Cream / gold-leaf cardstock

    Created as a catalogue for an installation for a class project. An exploration on boundaries in a cycle of decay/reformation and the contextual research behind the process.

    I was heavily inspired by my own fascinations with the human body, death, and rebirth, as well as the cultural cremation and burial process. 

    The entire process of creating this catalogue involved nine weeks of research, storyboards, making delicate shells out of plaster, and breathing in a lot of plaster dust.

    Most photos shot by me.
  • Initial Research

    Assignment: Take any item and transform it into an art installation and present a printed catalogue and poster with it.

    I chose chalk because of the different qualities it took on in different states. After weeks of research, I became fascinated by its resemblance to cremation ashes and its associations with magic and ritual.
  • Textures

    Inspired by the powdery wisps of chalk dust, I created textures created from scratch. Made to represent different states of decay; as the book progresses, the textures become less dense and more dissipated.
  • Catalogue Documentation
  • Dedications page written in braille
  • Flip-through of book