Volantene Script (free font)

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  • Volantene Script is a fully equipped display typeface inspired by the fine penmanship of Lady Talisa Maegyr-Stark. The lowercase letters are crafted to be as faithful as possible to the lady's hand-written forms, while the uppercase, figures, symbols, and punctuations are original designs by Catharsis Fonts matching the lowercase in style.
  • Volantene Script comes with an extensive character set and OpenType features like ligatures and contextual alternates. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Catharsis Fonts webshop at MyFonts.
  • The common romanization of High Valyrian uses macrons (āēīōūȳ) to mark long vowels. Since these are difficult to type with most keyboard mappings, Volantene Script offers macron-shaped diaereses (äëïöüÿ), which are easily accessible.
  • The font's name is derived from the free city of Volantis, where Lady Talisa grew up and learned to write.  This font is dedicated to Simone.
  • Catharsis Fonts offers Volantene Script free of charge. To download it, visit the Catharsis Fonts webshop at MyFonts.