• They're coming, are you? 
    A multi-dimensional campaign to promote the exciting news that Vodafone Ireland were bringing none other than World Champion Jenson Button to Dublin to race his F1 car through the streets of the capital.
    You might be a multimillionaire, world famous F1 driver... but none of that matters a tap when you have to tackle arriving into the Irish capital. This online teaser campaign ran in the lead-up to the event which showed one such superstar's journey...
  • Arriving into Dublin airport's notorious car park:
  • Tackling the high cost of Irish roads... in a low car:
  • Battling the clampers - the only thing in Dublin more common than rain:
  • And arriving in the city centre for a very special visit:
  • Bus Wraps
  • Interactive Press Ad
    Ireland's first ever interactive press ad!! Simply scan the QR Code, place your phone on the visor and listen as Jenson Button tells you how to get your tickets!
  • Radio
    One thing's for certain - if you drive in Dublin, you'll be pulled over by nosey cops... WHOEVER YOU ARE!
  • One photo - a LOT of comment
    We seeded this photo online and watched as it jumped from person to person online, causing quite a fuss in the process, helping to spread the word about the upcoming event!
  • Building Wraps
    We covered buildings along the race route with huge images of Jenson Button and his team...
  • ... and pushed people onto the Vodafone Ireland Facebook page for the chance to sit alongside Jenson Button as he raced through the streets of Dublin