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A tribute to Viva Zwei – the legendary German music channel.
Viva Zwei – the legendary German music channel – was launched on the 25th of March 1995. Regardless of its ever-soaring acclaim and popularity, after barely few years of broadcasting, on the 7th of January 2002 it was folded due to the editor's revenue slump crisis. Nevertheless, a team of cult luminaries - presenters and producers behind the project – managed to accomplish the ultimate goal. Cologne's underground tv station contributed significantly to defining musical awareness and aesthetic preferences among the generation of today's 25-30 year olds in Germany as well as in Poland, where it replaced the now defunct MTV. Charisma-abundant hosts – Charlotte Roche, Niels Ruf, the late Rocco Clein, fictitious Zwobot and Mr Explosion mascots and, most prominently, brilliant shows like 2Step, Electronic Beats, Supreme, Fast Forward or Wah² combined with coherent, neat and readily recognizable visual representation and graphics, rendered Viva Zwei the impossible-to-emulate, matchless media phenomenon.
Ever since its closing Viva Zwei has kindled numerous discussions and sentiments. Teenagers of that time, who are presently engaged in professional music, design or audio-visual fields, quote it as the source of multifold inspirations. Predominantly, though, Viva Zwei constituted the infinite vault of ingenious music. Relentlessly uncompromising, unyielding to popculture mainstream, it persistently provided top-notch, paramount and currently cult videos hailing from electronic, hip-hop, rock and alternative proveniences.
The project issued unique tribute packs, which consisted of logo T-shirts (a choice of two designs), eco-bags and mix cds by two prominent Polish musicians – Marcin Cichy and Druh Sławek. The official website used know video symbolics as the background, each time randomly broadcasted. In the meantime Facebook fanpage managed to attract 1300 actively participating Viva Zwei enthusiasts sharing music, comments and sentiments. Weekly podcasts recorded by local and international artists suplemented the project and a Viva Zwei themed party at Warsaw's Klub 55 wraped it up.
Created as Na Stare Milion with Rafał Grobel and Piotr Bombol.

Design: Bartosz Szymkiewicz
Copy: Rafał Grobel
Merchandise: Piotr Bombol
Web development: Arkadiusz Wasilonek
Translation: Karol Buks
Product photos: Małgorzata Turczyńska
Party photos: Karol Grygoruk courtesy of B.Brothers