Vitório & Melo - Brand/Identity

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  • Vitório & Melo Projetos Estruturais e Consultoria Ltda. is an engineering firm based in Recife / PE / Brazil, whose main service are calculations for construction.
    The brand design is a cube in perspective, formed by lines that, when put together, show the letters V and M, initials of the names that make up the company's corporate name.
    The cube represents the volume, accuracy and soundness of civil engineering, while the inclined lines give an idea of lightness, dynamism and innovation.
    The color orange was chosen for being forceful, energetic and dynamic. The black and shades of gray for the feeling of stability and sobriety. When together, the aggressiveness of orange is softened by the sobriety of black, giving the brand an image of dynamism responsibly.
    The typography signs that the company name has square shapes and alignment of the base brand makes the set more consistent, reinforcing the image you want to reflect the company: precision, robustness and dynamism.
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