• Vitaminwater Capsule
    A bigger, better, stronger, pill
  • Client: Vitaminwater
    Designed by: Cindy Ng (Design), JJ (Design, Rendering)
    Why is that Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and Powerade the three competing health sports conscious drink use the same similar bottle shape? Walk down the aisle of a supermarket and you'll see what I mean. Vitamin water sets up a perfect opportunity to set itself above the competition with a simple package redesign. The solution? The bottles are redesigned to take a capsule form instead of the traditional bottle. The new look would enhance the vitamin idea while maintaining the same colors and identity of each drink flavor. The clean and friendly contours of the packaging will instantly draw consumers to the new vitamin pill shaped bottle. It stands to be memorable and a perfect opportunity to elevate the Vitamin Water brand.
  • Vitamin Box SE Giveaway
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