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Project for the Visualizing Global Marathon 2012 showing disease alerts per continent and kind of disease.
" is a community of creative people making sense of complex issues through data and design"

Visualizing Global Marathon is a wordwide weekend-long student data visualization competition.

Given 3 challenges with different topics each student or group of students has to choose one and create a visualization from the data given.

For our project we used the data from 150 countries and 150 diseases provided by HealthMap.

We gathered the 150 countries into each continent and chose 3 disease categories (Parasitic, Venereal and Infectious) and picked a representative sample of illnesses (Malaria, myiasis and toxoplasmosis for parasitic; Cholera, pneumonia, tuberculosis for infectious; Gonorrhea, AIDS and Syphilis for Venereal).

Once done this, we represented the total alerts per continent and the total alerts per million people using a pictogram and color code in a flash application where the user can choose and filter the information he wants to visualize.

Is was important for us to show the big differences of alerts existing between continents and kind of disease so we created a scaling system so the proportions of the amount of alerts was obvious at first glance.

You can see the whole interative HERE.

Done during 11-12 November by Berta Adillón, Iris Martínez, Jennifer Moreno and Irene Serrano.