• Visual interpretation of the quatrains of Omar Khayyam
    Translation - Pouyan SHATERI - Tehran
  • Thought I'm gifted allure, glamour, grace
    An earthly figure with a lovely face
    There is no clue why I was sent to earth
    why the painter of universe drew my trace
  • Old castles that lodged kings with no fear
    Today serve as den to foxes, there and here
    Kings who for pleasure hunt down some deer
    Will soon be down dead by death's spear
  • In this corner, there's me, the minstrel, music and wine
    We have no fear, no worry, no shame; our recess is divine
    Glee all over, in heart, soul, and every sound around
    We are free from fire, wind, water; whatever may whine
  • We are the puppets, destiny performs the play
    We'll be live on the show as long as we may
    Once our turn is up, we return to clay
    All playful puppets will retire some day
  • Fast asleep, I heard the wise man say
    Slumber wont bring the bliss you look for, hey!
    What you think you do rehearsing to pass away
    Take wine, for in grave you will long lay !
  • Darling! for the morning draught on an earthly day
    All we need is wine and a nice melody to play
    For, tens and thousands of kings and castles have laid
    In dust, through the passage of years from June to May
  • Beneath the celestial sphere, you shall learn
    There is a mortal punch all men shall take in turn
    Bitter, don't be; when your cup is up next in air
    Cheer up, Drink, for fate compels you to take your turn
  • The are some who take the path religions run
    Other some conceive have found faith in one
    I'm afraid some day a holy voice would call
    "You fools! the absolute right way is none"