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Monthly registration of my life
I started this visual diary about two months ago, for the reason that life seems pass you by or happen to others. The real reason is that you already  forgot the nice or exciting things that happened to you. So it seems you have just another dull existance.
The rules  i gave myself are simple:
- Draw in the days number, the same day or the day after
- Try to incorporate something of your day (if possible, if not the number will do just fine)
- What you draw cannot be work related (if possible, work and your private life are sometimes hard to separate)
- It doesn't have to be good, it is just a registration of your life
one of the reasons i chose for a monthly calendar is that you can see halfway through the month interesting it has been, or if it has been to long since you did something interesting and you can still do something about it.
The second reason is that you only have to fill in a small space every day so it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to half an hour a day.
marcel van den berg
m-space, graphic designers