• Design reports have a tradition at the Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, Germany, and its research group for design, the »labor visuell«. They are part of a broader agenda, aimed at collecting global information on cross-border differences in design and visual language.

    In 2012, we contributed a report on Sri Lanka to the »labor visuell«. The information in that report was collected in interviews and by documenting the work of designers, artists, photographers, illustrators and architects. Between February and March 2012, we spent one month in Sri Lanka, and established contact with some of the most prominent creative people in the country to collect that material in the form of interviews, pictures, and film. The project focused on the origins and the current nature of Sri Lanka's creative environment. Our interests centred on identifying the main contributors, their techniques and motivation.

    As a result, we have created a book which illustrates the history and the current situation of visual diversity in Sri Lanka.
  • The Book
  • Business cards and postcards
  • Exhibition »Werkschau« — FH D, Düsseldorf, July 2012
  • Exhibition »Reveal« — Park Street Mews, Colombo, October 2013
  • Exhibition + Panel Discussion »Sri Lanka Design Festival« — Goethe-Institut, Colombo, October 2013
  • The Journey — Some Impressions
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    Marvin Hüttermann

    European Design Awards Finalist, 2014
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