Visual Graphic Design Conference is the biggest graphic design conference in the South (Philippine South). Made by the designers for the designers. Every year the conference will feature 7 top Vis-Min (Visayas-Mindanao) graphic designers and artists. Sharing their successful stories, outstanding works and individual design processes. It is a creative platform for creative individuals.

    Developed last December 2012 for the 3rd Visual Graphic Design Conference slated last February, Visual Creative Elements is a custom software art that generates map or terrain-like mesh in 3 dimensional space that could be used as design elements for print, web and motion material. The formation manipulated by the user and the random movement of the element create an endless material for design.

    Since some of this year's speakers are highly-accomplished Vis-Min (Visayas - Mindanao) artists/designers who are currently based outside the country and/or working with companies like Industrial Light and Magic, Marvel Comics, Wired Magazine and Gulf News, the design was inspired by maps and terrains which symbolizes the journey and reach of Filipino designers who are making waves internationally.
  • Upon exploring the various results provided by the application, the user then is given control to either cease the animation of the element for review, or directly generate a graphic material in a format that is usable for print, web and video. The tool is capable of exporting a high resolution ‘jpg’ or transparent ‘png’. Vector base format is also available as well as animation for motion material.
  • Website
    Transparent images generated by the software were used as elements for the website.
  • Print
    Vector and high resolution output of the software were applied in various print materials.
  • Sponsor's Loop Presentation
    Video output of the animated elements was easily added to the sponsor's loop presentation that was played in a large screen throughout the duration of the event.
  • Opening Intro
    Some looks and forms of the elements were interpreted and integrated to the opening intro.
  • The software has been a key factor to the success of the conference as it provides Visual an interminable amount of supporting elements that is essential to the design and creation of the conference’s collaterals and videos.
  • Project Credits
    Creative Elements
    Conceptualization, Design & Development: Seph Mayol

    Video & Edit: Seph Mayol
    Music: Aldgate Patterns - Little People
    Art Direction & Design: Seph Mayol
    HTML & CSS: Val Villar
    Ticket & Badge
    Art Direction & Design: Seph Mayol

    Foldable Poster
    Art Direction: Seph Mayol
    Design: Seph Mayol & Pj Ong
    Sponsor Loop Video
    Art Direction, Edit & Design: Seph Mayol
    Opening Intro
    Art Direction & Base Element: Seph Mayol
    Various Elements, Motion Design & Edit: Kaism & Team Wizard
    Speaker Names: Pj Ong
    Music: Digital Rush by Bobble
    Design: Pj Ong