Visual Communication 1- Curve Lines + Composition

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  • Course: Visual Communication 1

    This was an introductory course in visual communication taught by me as a Graduate Teaching Instructor for one section of the sophmore class. It is designed by Professor Karen Hayes Thumann. The course explores the importance design plays in shaping meaning and interpretation through basic visual interaction
  • Project: Curve Lines + Composition
    This project has 2 parts:

    Goal 1:
    (closure is a consideration in line 4, not others)

    Goal 2: Arrange the 4 lines into a composition in a (10x 10)" square. Lines cannot touch or overlap in the composition and must enter and exit the picture plain vertically. In order to control interval,  the students can use the lines to define a major and minor shape-- they cannot incorporate side edges as part of their shape. Major and minor shapes relate to enclosed areas and the distinction between two should be extreme (contrast). 
  • * Work of Jayme Gritch