• The Viora Design Language was born during 2005
    The inspiration is coming from the ancient Egyptian sculptures
    I have been drawn to those sculptures because of their unisex and clean design
     Curved and soft surface meet at a very sharp edge that creates strong highlight.
    I have taken this motive to distinguish the Viora product t line.
    Another main motive is the "island" design, which contains the user controls, this island is
    Surrounded by curved surface and is different from them by texture and color, this island is
    Becoming a main issue in the new products and more islands are showing, also in the
     Product sides were technician is approaching for service.
    The" islands" design feature bring contrast and drama into the design.
  • Viora Pristine
  • viora Trios IPL Handpiece
  • Viora Reaction
    Top table
  • Viora Reaction
    Troly pose
  • Viora Reaction different handpieces
  • Viora Design Language inspiration
  • polyuritane designers model for Reaction
  • key sketch for Trios concept
  • sketch for Trios
  • inspiration images
  • sketches for Pristine
  • polyuritane designers model  for Pristine and Gemini