• Vinyl · 70's inspired Typography
  • Vinyl is an experimental typography project inspired by the music and the look and feel of the 1970's. Since back then vinyl records were the media in which music was played and enjoyed, the circle has been used as a core shape from which to construct the entire alphabet. In oder to illustrates how this display typeface behaves when composed, I choose the titles of the three top hits of the 1970's. The intention of this typographic experiment is to create rhythm and dynamism though the text.

    Vinyl has three variations: Concentric lines for a more playful look, solid shapes with rounded corners for a more legible option, and sharp corners for a more serious approach.

  • Low

  • London Calling

  • Marquee Moon
    [Elektra; 1977]
  • Source for the three top hits of the 1970's: