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  • "Vinted" is an Internet community where users can swap, sell or donate clothes which they do not wear anymore
  • What usually happens is that in many of our closets lies numerous clothes whose are in  great condition and  even brand new but we are not planing to wear them anymore. "Vinted" the portal offers to join to the like minded community which swap their clothes with other site users.
    Website "Vinted" goal is to promote meaningful use. When replacing, donating or selling clothes you do not wear anymore you prolong garment life cycle.
    Vinted is internation project based in many countries like:
    Germany "Kleider Kreisel"  http://www.kleiderkreisel.de/
    Lithuania "Mano Drabužiai" http://www.manodrabuziai.lt/
    France "Vinted" http://www.vinted.fr/ 
    Poland "Vinted" http://www.vinted.pl/ 
    Czech "Votoč Vohoz" http://www.votocvohoz.cz/
    Malaysia "Friendly Fashion" http://www.friendlyfashion.my/ 
    We, as a tie a tie design agency, are proud to present our input to this amazing and emerging community.

  • Check our portfolio: TIEATIEDESIGNS.COM