• V I N T A G E  I N D U S T R I A L

    Vintage Industrial is just down right inspiring. There really isn't any other way to describe the company. Just the back story of an ex banker turned high-end vintage furniture craftsman should inspire you enough to get up and get it done. As designers we have everyday tasks that must be met and accomplished giving projects our creative all. After days on end and night after night you can start to feel the slow burn on your creativity. Yes, there are times a designer can hit a creative block. There I said it! There are even days when you have seen so much design that you think you have seen it all and you feel you may never be inspired again.

    Usually we like to tell our visitors what style a client wanted us to go for when beginning a project but in this instance it might be more fitting to say what era the client wanted. Vintage Industrial, you have been an inspiration to us and in a sense have brought a load of new inspiration to us. Thank you.

    Photo Credit: Vintage Industrial