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  • In addition to creating Packaging for wineries I create detailed Maps that portray the features that
    are unique to a particular property. Many feature single vineyards that produce upper tier wines.
    Sometimes a drawing of the property, whether it's from the sky above or from high on a hill, can
    capture the romance and art of grape-growing and viticulture better than a photograph.

    I have sketched from small airplanes, a helicopter, a plane so tiny that I sat behind the pilot as he
    banked at sharp angles over the vineyards, a 4-wheel ATV and, of course, my Red Truck.
    Many times I have spent a day riding my mountain bike up & down dirt roads stopping to sketch.
    I've been alone on a green hill-top and all you can hear is the sound of a thousand bees.
    Rattlesnakes? Yes. Jack Rabbits? Yes. Geese overhead? Yes. Crows? Oh Yeah.

    It's the best part of what I do. To be alone with the elements tamed and wild.

    To draw what I feel and see.